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Care Management

Care Management

Home Care Management - San Diego
Care Manager:
Person who provides holistic, client-centered care to older adults or disabled persons.  Their goal is to improve the client’s quality of life and reduce family stress through:




Thorough in-person evaluation and home safety checks.


Increasing access to services and treatment, including communicating with physicians, physician offices and long term care insurance companies on a medical level.

Home Needs:

Identifying, locating, and coordinating resources to address needs such as housekeeping, meal preparation, accessibility, transportation, overnight support and medication reminders.


Overseeing and monitoring of caregivers.

Medication Management:

Works with client, family and physician to ensure medications are doing what they are meant to and being taken per Doctor’s orders.


Utilizing experience and training to inform and empower.

Health Promotion:

Working with Client to address factors that may enhance quality of life, including stress management, smoking cessation, diet, exercise, individual and family counseling, etc.

New diagnosis?

Let a Care Manager help navigate through what can be a difficult and confusing time. Be educated and confident in your treatment decisions, and ensure your highest quality of life.


Care Managers can assist individuals and families to manage a disability throughout a lifetime. This can include training of caregivers, accompanying the individual to physician appointments, and periodic reassessments to determine needs. When it comes to individual home care, San Diego, La Mesa, and El Cajon seniors can receive much-needed benefit by hiring a live-in caregiver.

Family lives out of town?

Care Managers can fill in for family members, and be involved on whatever level the family needs.

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