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Our Values

Our Values

Company values answer the question: How do we act? They apply to everyone in the company and are an encouragement for better action, to become better people, and to best serve our clients. They are the first measure for determining who is part of our team and who is not, a core part of how we will thrive and be successful. Our values are:

● Always
● The cornerstone, the starting place
● Connected to reality
● White lies are not the truth

● Acknowledge mistakes and shortcomings
● Look for ways to improve
● Best efforts to do better

● Listen carefully
● Consider others’ opinions and feedback
● Don’t talk over, loudly, or crudely
● Everyone has dignity
● When you’re on our team, you’re on our team and we support you

● Responding quickly and sympathetically to clients, families, and co-workers
● Providing the right answers and solutions
● Answering phone calls, texts & emails in a timely manner
● Addressing client inquiries immediately
● Taking 5pm inquiry call, scheduling Caregiver & being at the home at 11pm that night to complete client intake & orient Caregiver

● Do what you say you’re going to do; keep your word
● Worthy of trust; dependable in achievement, accuracy, and honesty
● Be on time at shifts, with tasks
● Follow directions such as: Policies, Orientation Binder, First Shift email, How to Succeed on Your First Shift

● Peace for clients & peace for staff
● Contentment, satisfaction, harmony, balance
● Conflicts are managed to resolution
● Minimal stress and worry

For comprehensive services of home care, El Cajon, Lemon Grove, and La Mesa families can reach out to us 24/7 at (619) 354-2544.